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Slip to green ware, bisque ware to finished pieces not to mention paint, paintbrushes and glaze, you will find them all at Home Ceramics in Devon the home of ceramics.

Bisque WareBisque Ware

At Home Ceramics in Devon we understand the needs of the hobbyist very well after all that’s how we started! So of course, we produce a huge amount of bisque ware for keen hobbyists to decorate it themselves to their own taste. The ‘slip’ (liquid clay) is poured into moulds to form green ware; once it had been fired it becomes bisque ware. Many customers are happy to take the pieces at this stage to decorate it themselves totheir own taste.

Our huge range of moulds is ideal as they cover pieces that range from the large to the small, from the simple to the complex, from the purely decorative to the more functional.

Supplying Ceramic Needs

We are committed to providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for anybody interested in ceramics. Whatever your needs are, we can probably supply them: • from slip (at very competitive rates call us to find out) • to paint & to glazes • to paintbrushes • and more…


Finished Pieces

Whether for the discerning collector of ceramics, or simply as a gift, or to enhance the home or garden, we do of course produce a huge range of finished pieces in some instances, based on a specific request from a customer.

All our pieces are hand finished and decorated by hand, making them all truly unique. They include ornamental cats, clowns, bird feeders, vases, water and garden features and much, much more!

Personalised PiecesPersonalised Pieces

In addition we have the facility to produce totally personalised pieces • Photographs of friends, family, pets etc can be incorporated into the design of mugs, plates etc to make a truly memorable and lasting gift. • Logos, company names, club names can also be incorporated into the design of mugs, plates etc to make for a lasting reminder


We run a wide range of workshops, at our premises and at locations to suit you. We cater for a wide range of ability levels from kids parties to the keen hobbyist. You’ll find our courses are all thoughtfully developed and they are certainly involving and a lot of fun.